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To have another language is to possess a second soul.
- Charlemagne


I love learning languages. It is the best way to make friends from different cultures. A whole new world of literature, songs, films, and news open up with each language. A foreign language also exposes you to local foods and their authentic recipes.

The following is the list of resources that I have used to study each language. Because my native tongue is Korean, I mainly learned Japanese and Mandarin Chinese from resources written in Korean; however, I included some resources in English that I found helpful as well.

General Resources

Learning applications


Writing systems

Pronunciation & Phonetics


  • [일본어 문법 무작정 따라하기]
  • [일본어 필수 표현 무작정 따라하기]
  • [시나공 일본어 보카 VOCA 15000] Although it contains less than 15,000 words, it is one of the most comprehensive and difficult Japanese vocabulary book I have seen for Korean speakers.
  • IMABI 文法 One of the most comprehensive, freely-available, Japanese grammar guide I’ve seen so far.

Authentic materials

Mandarin Chinese

  • [중단기]

Spanish (Castellano)

Learning tools


Authentic materials


TV Dramas

Classical Latin and Attic Greek

Good dictionaries


  • Wordsmith: A newsletter that delivers interesting English words daily.


My Anki setup (add-ons)

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Unpil Baek
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